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Ford joins Verizon Wireless in supporting federal legislation banning drivers from text messaging.

Legislation proposing a nationwide ban on handheld texting while driving has received a boost from the Ford Motor Company. In supporting the legislation introduced by Senator Charles Schumer and Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy, both of New York, Ford becomes the first major auto maker to publicly favor such a ban. As the dangers of texting while […]

Proposal Would Bar Texting While Driving in Kentucky

An eastern Kentucky lawmaker is getting behind a texting while driving ban. The Governors Highway Safety Administration Director, Barbara Harsha, said she expects a flood of additional state legislatures to take up the issue when they convene their 2010 sessions. Read the Full Article

Quinn to sign texting ban bill

Governor Pat Quinn is expected sign a bill into law Thursday that bans texting while driving.Illinois motorists caught texting, downloading ring tones or surfing the internet could be ticketed by police. Drivers can text if they’re parked on the shoulder of a road or their vehicle is in park while stuck in traffic. Illinois is […]

Victim’s mom urges pols to ban texting while driving

Lawmakers heard gut-wrenching arguments yesterday urging them to ban texting while driving – and one top lawmaker who says that doesn’t go far enough wants to outlaw motorists using handheld cell phones altogether. Transportation committee members heard compelling testimony from Melissa Martin, 37, whose 17-year-old daughter was killed in a 2007 accident sparked by texting […]