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 Recent Stories

  • Katelyn Griczin says:

    My name is Katelyn. My senior year of high school, I was in a horrible car accident that changed my life and future plans. Just a month before graduation, it was a beautiful Friday. I spent the day with my mom touring the college I was going to attend that fall. We went shopping for work uniforms I would need over the summer for the two part time jobs I had just accepted. After a busy day, I went home to take a little nap before heading to the Relay for Life event at my high school. My school is just five miles away, down a windy curvy road. I left for school in my small ‘91 Acura Legend. I was two minutes from school when I came over a blind hill and was struck head on by a full size Chevy Silveraldo. It was just myself and the other man in our vehicles, both going over 50 mph. His truck stopped crooked in the road and my car did a complete 180 landing in the woods. He broke a few toes. My face slammed into the steering wheel which broke my jaw and gave me a severe head injury. I broke both legs and my arm was pinned between me and the steering wheel with a bone sticking out of my elbow. I remember the scene like it just happened. The 20 year old Marine in the truck had been staring at his phone the entire time and thought he just hit a tree. He’s perfectly fine but my dreams of going to college and joining the Navy as an officer are ruined. Just because he couldn’t wait.

  • Jenna says:


    My name is Jenna.

    Some could say I don’t really have a story.

    I’ve never lost anyone close to me to a texting driver.

    In a way I do have a story.

    I was in the car a few weeks ago, when I saw a man in a red car texting while he was driving beside us. He suddenly swerved and nearly hit us. He almost hit my side.

    My father had honked furiously, he almost lost his only daughter.

    And you know the worst part?

    After the man looked up with an apologetic look on his face, he went right back to texting! I bet he killed someone that day.

    Stop texting and driving, I’m only 12.

    I’m too young to die.

  • Emily says:

    I kno there is many stories about ppl dying from txting while driving but what about the ones who didn’t die but lives are changed forever because some random girl decided to txt instead of paying attention to the road and she ran a stop sign i wasn’t even driving i was the passenger she tboned the car on my side and my life was changed forever I had to drop out of school I can’t find a job due to a neck injury I’m in pain every day it’s been 4 years of my life I’ll never get back I just hope people realize paying attention to the road is more important than txting your friends anyone for that matter

  • My name is Heaven. I am a 37 yr old wife and mother of two. I am also an only child, a miracle baby at that, which is why my parents named me Heaven. On March 18th 2012, I was driving to a little store just a few miles from my house when a car coming from the opposite direction ran off the road on their side and while trying to get back on the road, they went airborn and hit me head on rolling across the driver side of my car. The dash and driver side door of my car was crushed so bad, it had me pinned in the car. The jaws of life had to be brought in to cut the door off and dash apart to get me out. And all of this was time consuming due to that I was bleeding internally because my spleen was ruptured. My pelvis was broken in two places, my left leg was broken, my left wrist was shattered, my left forearm was broken and my elbow was completely shattered. I also had other small internal injuries. I was airlifted from the scene and once out of trauma, was placed in icu and was stable for a few hours, then went into a blood condition called DIC where I actually coded (died) twice before I was miraculously stabilized again but then was placed in a drug induced coma and was on life support for a week. I went through numerous surgeries. My spleen was removed. I have a metal rod in my left thigh that attaches to my hip, a metal cage in my left wrist and a metal rod in my left forearm. The skin on my elbow was to traumatized to heal so I had to have some of the muscle cut out of my back to be placed over my elbow. Once I was released from the hospital, I was still not able to walk, so spent the next 3 mths in a hospital bed at home. Besides all the physical injuries I substained, I also have mental issues now. I still have nightmares of the wreck, I have panic attacks a lot, loud noises scare me, I stay depressed and angry a lot. I have very little use of my left arm and severe nerve damage in my left hand, so it gets frustrating that I can’t do all the things I use to be able to do. Most of all, it tears me to pieces every time I think about what my kids had to go through seeing their mother hurt like that and almost losing her all because a young girl was texting and dropped her phone.

  • Melony G says:

    My older sister was in a car wreck and almost lost her life due to a man texting and driving. The man was on his phone and ran through a red light and as my sister began exiting the intersection when the light was yellow. He T boned my sister at a speed of 51 mph. My sister is lucky to be alive becuase if he had hit her on the driver side she would not be here today. She is still dealing with problems caused by the wreck. She has constant back trouble and cannot get rid of it. Do not text and drive because you may not worry about your safety but you should worry about the others around you ont he road and even in the car with you. You can never brign someone back once their gone and I cannot imagine my life without my sister so be warned, be aware of the road, and be thoughtful to others outside your car and in.

  • Avery says:

    I was texting and driving one night only a month after i received my license. I ran off the road and hit someone’s mailbox (first mistake) and then continued driving and left my car parked while i went to a bon fire. Then my mom calls me that the police have been called and i go meet everyone at my car. I then received 3 different citations, had to go to an eight hour driving school and lost my license for 3 months. I was just lucky there was no damage done to myself or any other living person.

  • My 20 year old daughter Brooke was a success hairdresser and loved by everyone. Brooke always had a need to make a difference in someone’s life. She would often ask me mum can I donate a kidney or bone marrow, to which I would always answer “no Brooke you can’t do that!,” I never understood her need to save a life. Sadly now it all makes sense. Sadly I now know how Brooke is suppose to help others. On the 4th of December 2012 Brooke was going to work, she was travelling on a straight country road doing 100kmph. Brooke, from what I gather was planning her day in her head like we all do in this busy world we live in. Brooke decided to text a client about an appointment that day. Brooke crossed the wrong side of the road and hit a huge tree without breaking. Our family will never be the same after that day. Our bubbly beautiful girl who lived for her family and to help others is no longer here and it breaks our heart! Our family is now committed to helping Brooke spread the word about texting and driving and helping Brooke save lives like she always knew she was destined to do. In Australia we have started the Brooke Richardson dont- txt-n-drive Foundation Inc. We are committed to making our message as well known as the drink driving and speeding messages. Society has changed and we have a new problem on our roads and sadly I think we may see an epidemic on our roads in the future if we don’t take action now. Please help us help Brooke spread the word and stop another family going through what we have been through. If you want to survive Dont-txt-n-drive it’s not worth your life! http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=P8pdU06Vtto&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DP8pdU06Vtto

  • Cynthia Spitler says:

    My Niece Jamie died October 13, 2008 from a 19 year old boy who was texting and driving. She was 31 years old and had 2 children. What we know is that he was coming home from work at about 6:50 am was texting his girlfriend and she was planning on making him breakfast the boy went left of center coming over a hill and hit her head on. He died at the scene, and she died about 1 hour later approx. Jamie had been pulled out of the car by a semi driver passing by and after such the car caught on fire and burnt up to a crisp. We lost Jamie but we had her beautiful face to say goodbye we did have an open cascet. To the semi driver we are thankful. There is much more to this story but im not a good writer so im leaving details out. This is the first time ive talked about it on line like this. I sure loved that girl!!!!

  • Jennifer Nelson says:

    My name is Jennifer, I lost my little sister Tracy on January 6,2011. Tracy was on her way to the hospital to see a friends brand new baby girl. She was driving a road she had drove thousands of times. Tracy was viewing a text a lost control of her truck, she over-corrected and crossed the highway and hit a very large, strong fence & tree. Tracy was just 33 years old…full of life and never met a stranger. I lost my sister and best friend that day, but more importantly my niece (8 at the time) lost her mother.

    After the accident we started a small Don’t Text & Drive campaign here in our small hometown. We sold T-shirts, bumper stickers, and bracelets that said “OMG…DON’T TEXT & DRIVE” So many people bought and supported our little campaign, with all the proceeds going to her daughter. I like to think that Tracy saved a few lives by losing hers, to get the message out about TEXTING & DRIVING. It doesn’t make it any easier, I still cry myself to sleep at night and miss her so very, very much. Things will NEVER be the same all because of a text message…

    Thank you for letting me tell me story…


  • Melody Rose says:

    My 17 year old daughter and I caught my aunt texting while driving and using her cell phone while driving. We were on out way to a family gathering for Thanksgiving. She did not cause a wreck on the freeway, but she could have. I feel very uncomfortable with her bad driving habits. She does need to be confronted, but in a gentle manner. I do not plan getting rides from her again. I will offer to do the driving, if we go anywhere together. I’ll be the designated driver.

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