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3 Ways to Keep Kids From Texting While Driving

I would never text while driving. Except at stoplights, that is, or maybe just to take a quick peek at E-mail. Like many parents, I’m a hypocrite about this issue; I lecture my daughter about the dangers of any mobile-phone use while driving and snatch the BlackBerry out of my husband’s hands when he’s behind the wheel. Time to shape up, Mommy. One of the best ways to enforce no-texting-while-driving in your family is to forgo the practice yourself.

AAA Northern New England to distribute PSA Posters

After receiving a Letter for Support, the Director of Public Affairs from AAA Northern New England contacted to extend an invitation to have a representative attend the Maine Transportation Safety Coalition’s (MTSC) monthly meetings to highlight’s mission and awareness campaign.

In addition, the AAA has organized a workshop today for driver education instructor enhancement with roughly 70 instructors attending. Each of which will receive a copy of the PSA posters with their information packets. The workshop is organized by AAA and funded by the State of Maine to provide continuing education for driver educators.