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Driven to Distraction – Video on Teenagers Texting While Driving Gains Web Audience

In Gwent, the police department wanted to update its previous safety film, on joyriding. “We asked young people what was the thing that they thought was now the most dangerous for their age group, and they said mobile phones and, in particular, texting,” said Mick Giannasi, chief constable of Gwent police. … “Young people were […]

Utah Punishes Texting While Driving with Prison Sentence

Utah’s law forbidding texting while driving went into effect July 1, 2009, and the punishment for violating the law is the harshest in the country – up to 15 years in prison for offenders. Utah has taken the stance that all drivers are now educated enough about the dangers of texting while driving to classify […]

UK Don’t Text and Drive PSA

We hesitated to post this video due to its graphic nature. After watching the video on CNN, The Today Show, and the BBC we felt compelled to keep the video circulating. The video shows three young girls in a car. The driver is sending a text message when she gets in a major accident including […]

Utah Department of Transportation Promotes DVD Documentary

Im txtng while drvng

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Texting While Driving Greatly Increases Crash Risks

A new study shows that drivers who use text messaging while driving are even more dangerous than previous studies had shown. The research by Virginia Tech’s Transportation Institute shows texting truck drivers are 23 times more likely to crash or have a near-crash than drivers who aren’t texting. Researchers analyzed data collected from 2004 to […]

Bill bans texting while driving

As some Democratic U.S. senators push for a federal ban on text messaging while driving — with financial consequences for states that don’t go along — a proposal to make Ohio the 17th state to ban the practice was introduced in the Ohio House yesterday. The measure, sponsored by Rep. Michael DeBose, D-Cleveland, would make […]