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  • avatar Chris says:

    I got to Tupelo High School in Tupelo,MS. we are required to do a senior project in order to graduate. I do not know anyone who has been effected by a texting and driving incindent, but for some reason texting and driving is always on my mind. I, myself, text while driving every single day. For the past 2-3 weeks I have found myself doing it more and more and it has really become a destraction for me. I have a feeling God is trying to tell me to stop before I hurt myself or someone else, that is whay it ahs been on my mind.

    I was wondering if I could get someone from to come speak to my school/class about the dangers of texting while driving. Students in my grade have wrecks ALL the time. I do not know what causes these wreck, but I could probably guess it is texting while driving. We have not lost anyone from our class due to death, and I really do not want to. I want this to be something my friends and I think about everytime we step foot into a car.

    I need a mentor and a good idea for a product for this senior product.

    thank you for your time. I hope to get a response back.


  • avatar Jessica says:

    I am a Criminal Justice Major and I am doing a power point/ research paper on the dangers of distracted driving. Fortunately I do not text and drive but I have seen it plenty of times and is amazes me each and every time. I have read some of the posts on here and am sorry for all of your losses. To the ones who blame themselves for the loss of their loved ones, don’t blame yourself because it’s not your fault. Please be smart and remember this…Texting and driving is like driving drunk, only your fully conscious, therefore, you vividly remember everything that happen, including the lives that you destroyed.

    If any of you are interested in reading and viewing my paper/ power point, email me. I am more then happy to share the things I have found out. But please do not contact me unless it’s regarding this. God bless all.

  • avatar Lucy Pagiee says:

    i was in the car when my sister started texting. i told her to stop and she did. but a few weeks later she was on her way to my moms house and she hit a pedestrian while texting and driving. The pedestrian was pronounced dead at the scene. and my sister faced charges of careless driving

  • avatar Angela says:

    This is our family’s story: We found out in October that my son’s girlfriend at the time was expecting and later found that they were having a baby boy.We were all so excited to have Gabriel coming into our life. They were in a MAJOR automobile collision on April 9, 2011. They were hit head on by a woman. Her story was that she was reaching for a cup of coffee and went into their lane of traffic hitting their drivers side tire and literally running over their car. She said on the scene that she did not have a cell phone to call 911.We found out today that she indeed did have a cell phone and that there were two outgoing and one incoming text right about the time of the wreck, on the scene she watched Mike & Aimee unconcious and my 4 year old granddaughter Aaralyn screaming and crying at the top of her lungs for Daddy thinking they were both dead. She was in the back seat when Mike woke up the motor to the car was running still and she was pacing around when Mike woke up he started screaming for her to call 911 that Aimee was 6 1/2 months pregnant and bleeding to death that woman said to him “I do not have a phone” Mike kicked the door open on his side of the car (keep in mind that he has a broken Tibia in 5 places that is not healed completely that he has just started putting pressure on) gets out the car grabs Aaralyn out and tries to rip open the hood to stop the motor THANK GOD a passerby stopped and called 911. She watched Aaralyn screaming for god knows how long. Aimee was sent by life-flight to Mobile, AL 72 miles away. It took them almost 5 hours to get her stabalized to “Critical” before they could even attempt to do anything in reguards to trying to save their baby boy, Gabriel, by the time they got to him he was dead. Her Uterus had ruptured and he was in her abdomen outside of her Uterus. They had to preform a hysterectomy because the damage done by the impact was too severe to save him or her reproductive organs. The M.E. determined that he passed away due to lack of oxygen to the brain. He was 1 lb 14.7 oz. and 13 1/2 in. long. AImee suffered that loss as well as a crush break of her Tibia and bones of the top of the foot, a compound break of her left Femur (Thigh), Broken left hip, compound breakk of he left Radius and Ulna (both bones of the lower arm) and a compound break of the left Humerus (Upper Arm) , She also broke the right Humerus (Upper Arm) and the main nerve that controls the movement of the wrist and fingers was trapped between the broken bone. Her right anke was sprained. She has a cut on her forhead that needed 9 stitches and one on the upper lip that needed 6 stitches.Both wrist were broke and had to have permenant plates put into them so he would have movement, all of her toes were broke. They had to go through her Femoral Artery in her groin to put in a screne to prevent blood clots from going to her heart. She had over 60 units of blood products before they found that the force of the impact was so severe that it nearly ripped her Aorta from her heart and they fond it in time before it ruptured and put a stint into her Aorta. She has had 14 surgeries, with more in the future to remove pins, nails and plates and more on her left lower leg and foot. They say she will not walk for possibly up to 2 years. I have watched Aimee scream in hysterics today “I just want my baby back” , “I’ll never get to hold him” “I’ll never get to see him” I watched her while I was bathing her look at her body and cry “I am mutilated, my body is so ugly”. When at Gabriel’s funeral where mmost people take a hand full of dirt and toss in the grave, We had to watch our son take a shovel at the funeral for Gabriel and HE filled in his grave.Because he felt it was his job to bury his baby. NO Parent should have to bury their child. No parent should have to watch their child bury their child. Now we have had to deal with them having to move to another state to get medical care for her because the Dr.’s here have refused to see her because no one had the money for the office visits.

    If you TXT and Drive and take a life you should be put in a cell for life with the only thing to look at is pictures of the damage and death you caused! Be responsible people! It is nothing that will not wait and if you feel you cant wait PULL OFF THE ROAD OR HIGHWAY! As a mother who arrived on the scene of the wreck to physically whittness this carnage, this is something NO MOTHER SHOULD HAVE TO SEE!

    As for the woman….. nothing has happened to her she went to the E.R. in a private because she was in shock as of today she has not even recieved a ticket because we have no anti-txting laws but that is about to change as soon as I figure out how to go about it. I wish I could post pictures on here so people could see the damage this causes.

    • avatar Aimee says:

      I read your story today because I am writing a speech on texting while driving in my speech class in college. Your story brought tears to my eyes. I am so sorry to hear of Aimee and Mike’s loss and that they went through such a horrific time in their lives. I have four daughters and the thought of losing one of them or not having them here is devastating but to think it would be over a text message is beyond words. My heart goes out to you and your family. Tell Aimee she is more than those scars…she is beautiful and maybe one day she can tell her story and save lives!!!! I am again so sorry for your family’s loss.

  • avatar Raven says:

    My grandma is teaching me how to drive but always texts and answers phone calls while she is driving. I always have to tell her to leave the phone alone and keep her eyes on the road. There have been some very close calls where we almost ran into other cars because she was trying to answer her phone. I’m so sick of people saying that teenagers are the only ones who text and drive because I know a lot of older people who do it too.

  • avatar Tiffany says:

    On July 29, 2011 I was driving home from a night out with friends. I dropped everyone off and got on the highway for my journey (only 30 minutes). I HAD a 98 Mustang Convertible, It was a great night wth the top down and a lot of singing to the radio. I recieved a text message (about 10 minutes into my drive)and went to respond. At this point I felt my car verying off the road and looked up, I corrected the wheel and was back in my lane. I continued to text; I looked back up and seen a huge, bright orange “BUMP” sign and immediately jerked my wheel. The effects of this caused my car to spin out across 4 lanes on the interstate. Coming out of the scary spin, my car was headed straight for the “jersey wall” or barrier on the highway. I hit it going 60-65 mph. Everything was blurring after that. Hours later I went to get my stuff out of the car and I was told by paramedics, tow truck workers, and people in the community that I should not of lived and was lucky to even walk away from this accident. My car was totaled by the way. The thing that hit me the most was a week before my class did presentations on hot topics for out state (Virginia) and the dangers of texting and driving was one groups topic. I remember sitting in the back of the class and thinking this was not very serious at all. I can honestly say that I had my wake-up call and want teens and others to be educated on this dangerous topic. It is serious and I could have been killed by letters. I am also lucky to say that I woke up this morning still in pain and sore from all the brusiing, but I am someones daughter, sister, neice, granddaughter and most imporantly three little angels mommy.

  • avatar Andrew says:

    So an acquaintance of mine — she graduated from my small parochial high school a year after I — was hit by a teenage girl texting and driving about a year ago. The accident required numerous surgeries, one of which was performed a couple days ago. But she died of a blood clot during surgery.

    Whenever I am on the road and I spot a texter, I get behind them and beep my horn for a long time, finally passing them yelling out my window — without use of profanity — that they can kill somebody and they are being supremely selfish. I have always been THIS angry when I spot text-and-drivers. But this afternoon, I had had it. I was backing out of my driveway when traffic stopped outside my driveway. Usually, the car sitting still behind my driveway will let me in. Oddly, this one car did not. It was an insipid teenage girl TEXTING and pulling up. I beeped like hell and rushed — safely — to the lane next to hers. I screamed at her and scared her away from my street. Mind you, I am a rather big guy who weight lifts religiously. I hate to treat a lady like that. But guess what? She could KILL someone EASILY. She will think twice or more the next time she passes my street, I’m sure.

    I am henceforth the neighborhood text-and-drive czar. I am so sorry and bless ALL of you who have suffered from a selfish individual who decided that his or her text was more important than your loved one.

  • avatar Jamie says:


    I am currently a freshman in college and I’m taking a speech class. I am doing my persuasive speech on texting while driving and would LOVE it if a few of you would share your stories with me. I think true stories have the biggest impact on an audience and I believe this is a serious problem. If I can persuade one person in my class to stop texting while driving because of your story, that could be one less life lost this year. Please email them to with your full name.

    Thank you in advance for all your help!!


  • avatar Crystal says:

    I almost lost my grandma to texting and driving. She was driving down the street and crossed an intersection when a women hit her passenger side. The women was texting and did not see that she had a red light. My grandma already has back problems and this accident made it worse. The doctors said if she had not been in the car she had been in, which was her volvo, she would have died. I thank God that she did not die in that accident. My mom and I stayed with her for 2 weeks at her house to take care of her and make sure she was alright. I still to this day can’t believe someone could be so selfish and almost take my grandma’s life because of a text message. After that, I promised to myself I wouldn’t be that person who texts while they drive.

  • avatar Alexx says:

    Hey, My name is Alexx.

    On March 27th 2011, My Really good friend Lillie, was on her way home from work when I had texted her. She went to reply to my text when she lost control of her car, she ran off the road and crashed. She was pronounced dead at the scene. I get blamed for her death almost every day. Please do not text and drive! Lillie’s life ended way too soon, Just because of me sending one little text that said “Hey Lou Lou”.

    R.I.P Lillie!

    • avatar Haley says:

      Hi Alex,

      My name is Haley and I work for Alloy Media + Marketing. I am writing to you to see if you would be interested in helping us educate teens on the dangers of texting while driving. We are launching a nationwide program that will go out through Channel One News into thousands of high schools all over the nation. We are currently in the process of making public service announcements with celebrities and teens who have a story regarding texting and driving. We would love for you to share your story about your friend in a PSA. If you could write a short email of your story that we could use, we would appreciate it so much! It is a 3 year program. Please let me know if you have any questions about the program and if you would be willing to help us educate teens and save lives. Thank you for your time.

      Haley Katsman

      Email –

    • avatar Maureen says:

      Hello Alexx,

      My is Maureen. I am doing a persuasive speech on “Not to text and drive” I was looking for a true story to tell as my introduction and I ran across yours. I have never been in your position, and I cannot say that I know how you feel, but I would like to encourage you NOT to blame yourself. Am imagine, that could be hard but please continue to use this experience to educate people and maybe your friends story can save someone else. Be bless and my condolences to you and Lillie’s family.

    • avatar Jessica Duran says:

      Hi Alexx..I read your story about your friend Lou Lou. You can’t blame yourself for this tragic accident because you sent a text message to her. People can text all they want, but it’s the receivers responsibility to pull over and stop the car before looking or sending any texts. I’m sorry that you have such a burden to overcome. My best wishes and prayers to you and Lou Lou’s family. Let your post be a lesson to others on the dangers of receiving or sending while driving.

  • avatar Leila Ceirra says:

    I lost my boyfriend died when he was 17 to txtn while driving. He was walking to school when a 32 year old woman hit him,she was txtn. I was very sad and traumatized that someone would be so careless.


  • avatar Robert says:

    when i was 13 in middle school, i was hit by a girl who was texting while driving in a ford mustang none the less, but i had a guardian angle oven my shoulder that day, i escaped with nothing but a Y-shaped fracture to my left femur (your big leg bone). my bike to the brunt of the impact, as the frame was so bent i have to cut it and weld a down tube on it! it could have been worse, i could have rolled over the hood smashed into the windshield, rolled over the roof, missed the trunk, and hit the ground behind the car and have had massive hemorrhaging in my brain. I WAS A LUCKY SURVIVOR

  • avatar Alia Naomi says:

    My bestfriend was 14 when she died. She was walking on the sidewalk in her community park when she was hit by a 19 year old boy who was texting. She was pronounced dead at the scene. She was a loved friend, sister and daughter.


  • avatar Jessieca says:

    Hello, I am a texting and driving survivor. On December 26, 2008, I was 17 and on my way home from work in the pouring rain. I was texting my boyfriend on my way home from work when I lost control of my 2002 Grand Am. I spun over two lanes of traffic and slammed into a fence at 65mph. I was able to walk away but not unharmed. At the speed I was going my knee hit under the dashboard and tore every ligament inside it, my hip was dislocated from the force of hitting the door, my sternum cracked from the seatbelt hitting the steering wheel. I bruised every rib I had and hit my head full speed on the steering wheel giving me a moderate concussion. These injuries may not seem bad but now nearly three years later they still cause me problems. I get sever migraines and my foot is to the side instead of facing in front. I’ve learned my lesson about texting and driving. What will it tale for you to learn yours? Please don’t text and drive, take it from someone who’s lived it.

    • avatar Haley says:

      Hi Jessieca,

      My name is Haley and I work for Alloy Media + Marketing. I am writing to you to see if you would be interested in helping us educate teens on the dangers of texting while driving. We are launching a nationwide program that will go out through Channel One News into thousands of high schools all over the nation. We are currently in the process of making public service announcements with celebrities and teens who have a story regarding texting and driving. We would love for you to share your story about you in a PSA. If you could write a short email of your story that we could use, we would appreciate it so much! It is a 3 year program. Please let me know if you have any questions about the program and if you would be willing to help us educate teens and save lives. Thank you for your time.

      Haley Katsman

      Email –

    • avatar rob says:

      Thank you for sharing your story.

  • avatar keri says:

    on march 22, 2011, I lost my amazing,beautiful nephew to texting and driving, he ran a red light and was killed, thank god he did not take anyone with him, the man that hit him will never be the same again, since this tragedy I have become statistic crazy and I believe will all my heart that it is and epidemic, killing thousands of people a year, iIhave been an er nurse for may years and I held peoples hand through loss and I did not know it was humanily possible to feel this kind of emotional and physical pain, it is all consuming, I can no longer function as a trauma nurse and it takes me all my effort just to get out of bed and just clean my teeth, so please just turn your phones off while in the car, there is no text of phone call worth dying for!!!! P.O.C.O PHONE ON CAR OFF, SAVE A LIFE, YOURS OR SOMEONE ELSE ON THE ROAD!!!!

  • avatar Rachael says:

    I am doing a speech on texting while driving and I see others had the idea of asking people with stories to share them by emailing them. I am wondering if anyone would be willing to do this for me? It is so important to get this message out and it is very hard to find stories with actual experience or that have such an impact as the ones that I have read on here. What I seem to find are stories that are written by the press (without heart and the details needed). The majority of my audience will be teenagers and I feel that this will be an important tool to really get them to hear my message. Thank you, Rachael


  • avatar Raven says:

    My story is not half as bad as some of these but it changed my mind on texting and driving. I was on my way home from the park, and stopped at a red light. thinking that was the best time to text i did. i saw the light turn green and without thinking, i looked down to finish my text and turned left into a white pickup. i totaled my first car, and almost totaled his. no one was saverely injured. but it made me realize how ignorant i was to think i could text and drive, always be ok. did you know that for every 6 seconds of drive time, a driver sending or recieving a text message spends 4.6 of those seconds with their eyes off the road. texting and driving is as bad if not almost worse than drinking and driving. dont do it!!!

  • avatar Teresa Breen says:

    Hi my name is Teresa Breen and I would like to share our families tragedy with you. Our son was just 23, a United States Marine, father and brother and on March 15, 2009 he was killed because he was texting while driving. My cell phone rang at 9:22 on a Sunday night and to this day I do not know who it was. That time will forever be in my mind. Our son was not 10 miles from our house traveling North, went off the West side of the road, hit a culvert, was ejected, his truck still flipping and he traveled another 38 feet to the East side of the road before he stopped. Our sons last words were “Yeah T”. This was a straight stretch of highway and what we discovered when looking at his truck was that the seat belt was “locked” as if someone had it on and slipped it off just for a second and that is when the impact was. We found his phone because we knew if we found it and got it working we could tell what he had done all day, he lived on his phone and we did we found the text he never finished. Not 24 hours before the accident my husband had told our son to put his phone down it was controlling his life and it did just that, it took his life. Now his little girl has to grow up without her daddy, our daughter without her brother and us without a son. Every night I go to his room, turn on the light, smell his jacket, touch his hats and tell him goodnight and that I love him, every morning up I go again to turn the light off and tell him goodmorning and that I love him. The pain never goes away, it hurts just as much today as it did then. I hope this will touch just one person and that they will put their phone down, no text is worth dying over or killing someone else.

    Thank you,

    Teresa Breen

    • avatar cassidy says:


      Thank you for sharing your story. I am sure that this story will touch people.

    • avatar Katera says:

      Your story is heartbreaking. I will remember this story before I think about texting and driving. I have myself had a few close calls because I havnt been paying attention. I have seen others get in to accidents from this as well. I will now be much more carefull. THank you for reaching out to us and telling your story

  • avatar Ellen Brabo says:

    Prom night is supposed to be a night full of memories that will last a lifetime. May 9th, 2010 was exactly that for me. I rode to dinner and the dance with one of my best friends. On our way to town she was constantly using her cell phone to text. I grew concerned with the fact that she continued to swerve out of the lane. I asked her over and over if she would like me to text for her seeing as how I was the passenger and it would not put us in any danger. She refused and told me she was fine. If only that were true. It was around 12:30 a.m. when she rear-ended the car in front of us at an intersection. She was too busy texting to realize the car ahead of us had come to a stop. While no one involved was injured, both her and I were quite shaken up. Neither of us imagined our night would end this way. This accident opened my eyes to the dangers of using ones cell phone while behind the wheel.

    When I returned to school that following day, I knew I needed to do something about this. I had recently seen a episode of Oprah where she discussed her “No Phone Zone” campaign. Being an active officer in my school’s DECA chapter provided me with the resources to excel at my task. Over the last six months, between myself and a fellow DECA member, we have spread the word about the dangers of texting while driving not only in our community, but also in our region and state. We have taken Oprah’s pledge and turned it into an all out Public Relations Campaign. Our original goal was to have 700 people sign the pledge by December 31, 2010. We exceeded our goal by over 100 pledges. As of December 31, 2010, 896 people have taken the “No Phone Zone” pledge because of our efforts.

    Never in my life had I witnessed anyone pull to the side of the road to answer their cell phone in my town, until after this campaign began. A reporter from our regional newspaper wrote a front page Sunday article about our efforts and also did a follow up story two months later in another Sunday paper. We have spoken at many meetings to include the county School Board meeting and the Board of Supervisors meeting. We put together an assembly for over 900 students and have attended a Washington Wizards NBA game to pass our message on to fellow DECA members in our state.

    In March, my partner and I will take this campaign to the State Leadership Conference and compete for a place at the International Career Development Conference. We have written a 30-page manual and will give a 10-minute presentation. My prom night may not have been the best, but it has inspired me to spread the word of the dangers of texting while driving. Not everyone gets the chance to do so after being involved in such an accident. I am grateful that I was granted the means to have an impact on my fellow peers and community members! I always end each speech with, “Remember, it’s not just your life at risk. It is mine too!”

  • avatar Pencil Box Productions says:

    We had three teens who were all learning to drive who had a passion to spread the word about the dangers of texting and driving. We worked with them to put together a PSA to illustrate what could happen as a result of texting and driving. Here is the PSA:

    Their hope was that this would help spread the word about the dangers and make teens think before they start to text behind the wheel.

  • avatar Zoey. says:

    Hello, I’m doing a documentary on texting while driving and its dangers. If one of you are from the myrtle beach, south carolina area and could share a story I would love to interview you. Just email me at


  • avatar Ranae says:

    i am doing a reaserch paper on texting and driving and would like to know some stories to share when i give my speech if you could email me some if you dont mind me sharing them that would be great!!

    my email is

  • avatar Kevin Lawrence says:

    My name is Kevin Lawrence, I am a senior at Westerly High School in Rhode Island. We are required to complete a senior project to graduate and I chose to do mine on raising awareness about distracted driving. My goal is to get some people who have experienced the consequences first hand, whether they were directly affected or if they knew someone who was a victim and have them speak in front of my school. This is an issue which needs to be shared. Please email me if you would be interested in helping me out. Thank you!

  • avatar Stephen Lear says:

    Im a firefighter in Dutchess county NY. and i see many bad things, Im also a United States Marine. One frieday night after working hourse me and my buddy were going to go out and have a few drinks and stuff like thst. Well as im waiting for my buddy i hear a loud crashing noise and i went to go look and i see a car on its roof. I started running over and noticed it was my buddy’s car and he was dead. The cops found his phone 10 feet away from the car with an open text screen to his wife saying “i love you see you so(on)” Just take it in and think!!! Semper Fi

  • avatar cassidy says:


    We don’t have a network in your area but we hope to eventually have enough funding to send one of our speakers to schools across the country like yours. If you would like to download any of our materials for your class you can do so on our resources page. Thanks for helping fight this cause.

    Cassidy Parmley, TxtResponsibly Treasurer

  • avatar Mallory tooker says:

    On mothers day 2010 my stepdad and my grandfather drove their motorcycles from Florida to south Carolina for bike week, my uncle drove down from New York to meet them. My 80 year old grandfather was so happy to be riding motorcycles with his 2 son in laws. On may 11, 2010 our lives changed forever… They went to charleston for the day to sight see. My step dad made the light, my grandpa and my uncle were behind 2 other vehicles at the red light. A man driving a ford explorer was texting on his phone and didn’t see them. They both died at the scene. We lost them to a stupid text message that couldn’t have been that important. I’m getting married this march, on what would have been my aunt and uncles 21st wedding anniversary, and I will not get to dance with my grandpa. Don’t text while driving, it’s not worth it.

  • avatar Derrick says:

    It was approximately 5 years ago that my life changed and will never be the same. I was driving on the Beltway feeder, had a dead on green light at approx. 50 mph and an ambulance with no lights and no sirens ran a red light and broad sided me. We both rolled in opposite directions and I ended up upside down. The driver was texting and driving, arguing with her lover via text and blew the light. I was trapped in my truck (had to be cut out) and was taken to a level 1 trauma center. I had to have multiple surgeries on my kidney, left leg and my back was broken requiring a titanium fusion. I had to basically learn to walk again and in the beginning the doctors weren’t very optimistic. It took me out of work for approx. 2 years, I forced myself and wasn’t going to let it put me in a wheelchair and from that point on I have a lifting restraint of 15lbs. It took time but I can walk short distances now. I was lucky and if it had been a few min. earlier I wouldn’t be here. Its up to us to change the law everywhere. I tell everyone my story (even speak at drivers ed classes showing my xrays) and my advice to people that just can’t put the phone down is to put it in the trunk where you can’t access it!. It changes peoples lives. I used to be very active, played sports, road motorcycles, water skiied and so forth, none of which I can do today as a result of the accident. I, however, was very lucky, I see other stories with worse outcomes so I am very happy to be alive and a “changed” person. You should always, I mean always live life to the fullest as you never know when it can be taken from you.

    • avatar Mary says:

      In my state I am required to do a senior project to graduate high school, I chose to do mine on texting while driving. I was wondering if anyone lived in north carolina and would like to come share their story with my school. My email is

      Thanks very much.

    • avatar Tiffany says:

      Derrick, Your story inspired me so much! You are a very strong person. I recently had to write a speech on any topic of my choice. I chose to write a speech on texting and driving. I was researching along and came along this website. I read your story and used it as an example.(giving the website and your name credit) Thank you so much for sharing your story, because of you I will NEVER text and drive! 🙂

    • avatar kevin meek says:

      Derrick, i am writing my senior thesis on why not to text and drive and would love to use your story in my paper, with your permission and your last name is all that i would need to properly cite this story. PLEASE! email me back at

      Thanks for being so strong and staying positive

    • avatar Karolina says:


      Thanks for the story, I also have had close calls with texting while driving. I would love to use your story in my Public Speaking presentation at Clark College, Vancouver, Washington, if that is alright with you. Please email me at if it is alright for me to use your story. I would be most appreciative. Thanks.

    • avatar Zaid says:

      I am supposed to do a persuasive speech as my final in speech class, and my topic is how texting has become a danger to our lives. I was really touched by your story and is just simply asking for your permission to use it in my speech. I’m using the website and your name as credit, there’s no need for me to know of your last name. However, if you do not want me to use your story, you can just email me at and I’ll be glad to do so. I just wanted to let you know that I’m giving you credit for your story and that I appreciate you sharing it online. Thank you.

  • avatar JoEllen Tucker says:

    On October 30, 2009 my husband walked his daughter down the isle. On October 31, 2009 our lives changed forever. He was standing outside of a building having a smoke after returning his tux. A young man (18) was pulling into a parking spot. He was texting and hit the gas instead of the brake. He came at my husband at full force (approx 30+mph). I was thrown and my husband was pinned up against the building by the suv. His lower legs were crushed. He had to be lifeflighted to a level 1 trauma center. Now almost 10 months and 8 surgeries later he is still wheel chair bound. He cannot stand or walk.


    • avatar Nhu says:

      JoEllen, I was very touched with your story. I am in high school right now and am writing a persuasive paper on how dangerous texting and driving is. I would like to ask your permission to use your story as an example if you don’t mind.

  • Just learned that my kids and their friends and families just lost their daughter who was at a dead stop at a red light on a motorcycle or spree when she was hit from behind at full force from someone texting, she was a teenager and will be greatly missed, and i believe this man should be charged with MURDER AND NOTHING LESS, NO PLEA BARGAINS ON THIS ONE !!!!


  • avatar Kari Harden says:

    I am a student doing pre-reqs so that I can earn my BA in nursing. I am also an EMT-Basic. My husband is a paramedic. I have seen the effects of what can happen when people text and drive.I have seen what my husband goes through when they cannot save someone who was in an accident because of texting and driving. I am fatherless because of a drunk driver, so i can relate to people who have lost a loved one from the texting while driving accidents. To help spread the word of not doing it, for school I have written 2 essays, one exit exam, one research paper and given one speech. I will continue to do so until we can get it stopped altogether.

  • avatar Heather Buege says:

    The date, time, & location of my story is of little importance, since this happens every day, all the time, everywhere! Recently a car heading in the opposite direction of us swerved over the yellow line, but thankfully “recorrected” before he hit us. As he approached, he was looking down (no doubt texting!)…in my opinion distracted driving (like texting) is just as dangerous as drunk driving and should be punished more severely! If your eyes are on your phone, they’re not on the road! Wake up, people! Pay attention! Is a message really so important that it can’t wait? Please don’t endanger my life on account of your silly message.

  • avatar Antonio says:

    I used to text and drive until one night in January when I was texting and lost control of my car. I spun out and nearly hit a tree from my driver’s side. If I had made impact, I probably would have died or at least cause serious injuries to me. Since then, I will never text and drive again nor will I let other people do it when I’m in the car with them

  • avatar Dan Davis says:

    I don’t care how good someone says they are at texting and driving. Eventually they will be distracted long enough to either get themselves hurt or someone else. Take the oath to stop this insanely dangerous modern day phenomena. Also if you’re a parent, go to and check out this phone application that actually disables the texting function of cell phones when they are moving faster than 10 mph. It’s quite innovative and an effective way keep your child from one more distraction.

  • avatar Dan Davis says:

    I’ve researching many university studies on the topic of texting and driving and I honestly don’t understand why there isn’t a law banning this accepted danger. To drive and text simultaneously, you’re taking 37% of you’re brain function from driving towards sending and receiving texts. You’re spending 400% more time with your eyes off the road when texting and driving and your increasing your chances of crashing 23-fold. I found that most accidents occur within a 2-2.5 second time frame and texters react an average of 1.7 seconds later than a non-texter. Also, diving while texting can be compared to someone with a .08 BAC level,

  • avatar kakay says:

    honestly i agree that txting while driving is a bad idea. there honestly no reason. call if you have to. make sure you’re actually looking up at the road.

  • I am to a great extent impressed with the article I have just read. I wish the writer of can continue to provide so much useful information and unforgettable experience to readers. There is not much to state except the following universal truth: The only way out is through. I will be back.

  • avatar Erica says:

    My cousin was 17 when his life suddenly changed. Within seconds everything he once knew, every dream he had, every big plan for the future changed. He had just signed up for the military and had already started his training. He was so excited about serving his country. He was a pretty popular kid in high school, he had many friends, and he was involved in many activities. One choice changed it all. He was a passenger in a car with his girlfriend at the time, and she was texting and driving. They hit a tree doing about 55 mph on the passenger side. She walked away with a scratch and although my cousin was wearing his seatbelt the impact of the crash twisted his brain stem. He died three times before he even got to the hospital. At the hospital the doctors gave us no hope that he’d make it through. His brain injury was so traumatic that they believed he had less then a 5% chance to live. Six weeks after his accident he woke up from his coma, but life would never be the same. His brain injury has prevented him from being a normal teenager, it also put an end to his military career in which he was honorable discharged. My cousin is 19 now and he’ll graduate high school this year, but his life will never be the same. He uses his accident as a way to save others by being a public speaker for the high schools around the state. Although he’s with us today, his life went from being normal to something totally different. Texting and driving is dangerous and it can change lives in an instant. Many were affected by his accident!!

    • avatar shelby says:

      hey I was just wondering if you cousins name was Will Craig? I was on another website and the stories seamed very similiar?

  • In 20 years people will look back and think we were very foolish for doing that. Very Dangerous!

  • avatar Stuart says:

    When I had a flip phone with predictive text, I hardly had to look at it to compose messages. I mostly drive in daylight on limited-access interstate highways in sparsely populated areas with little traffic. I don’t see the harm in texting under those conditions when it takes no more eye time than fiddling with the radio. I’m only putting myself at risk, if anyone.

    When I switched to a smart phone, I pretty much stopped texting while driving because it takes so much attention and effort to use. I can barely walk and text with it, let alone drive.

  • avatar Amanda Umscheid says:


    My name is Amanda and I have a story to tell… My 19 year old sister was killed May 16th, 2009 in a car accident. She was texting me when her truck entered the median. She over corrected and flipped end over end several times before being ejected. The guilt I feel everyday is a hard load to carry. I have felt the desire to get public education out there since her accident this year.

    It is especially hard on my mom, not only because she lost a child but my sister’s accident happened the same day my dad passed away 9 years prior. I have been given opportunities to speak at high schools and universities in the Kansas/Missouri area (she was attending Kansas State University and a graduate of a Missouri High School).

    • avatar James says:

      Thank you so much for taking the time to post and share your story! We know that it will resonate with our existing audience and will be effective in reaching out to new target audiences. You’ll be glad to know, we have been invited to attend the Distracted Driving Summit in DC next week! We will post new information on the website from the event. Stay tuned for more.

  • avatar Laura Thieme says:

    We do not have sidewalks in our neighborhood. I have to be extremely vigilant with drivers now – almost had a woman drive right into us, because she was texting. I had to yell out at her. I’m there with my baby stroller – on the side of road – and most drivers are courteous to dog walkers & people with baby strollers. But, now, as a result of that one occasion, I stop each time a car approaches & until they acknowledge my waving to them, I do not trust that they are paying attention. You can often tell a person is texting because they slow down, substantially. Get your texts to audio, and they will be read aloud – so you don’t even have to look at your cell phone if you receive a text while driving. Handsfree or cars enabled with handsfree are safer, if choosing to use a cell phone at all while driving.

  • avatar cassidy says:

    Should the US be making a video like the UK PSA video and showing it to Driver Ed students across the country? I think they should. What do you think?

    • avatar James says:

      This reminds me of the old ‘Scared Straight’ video from the 70’s. I just googled some statistics from the video to see what effect it had on the youths. According to the Journal of Correctional Education…

      “The TV show followed 17 juvenile offenders as they experienced prison life for two hours. During the show it was reported that about 8,000 juveniles had visited the prison and that 80% of them were reformed by the experience.”

      I do think in-your-face videos like the UK PSA shown to high schoolers or kids in drivers education might curb some initial drivers from texting. However, maybe there should be a more pro-active stance to also reeducate adult drivers.

  • avatar cassidy says:

    I don’t text and drive but I do occasionally shuffle through songs on my ipod. After seeing and reading all the statistics I think twice about changing songs. Now I put songs on before I get going and I only change albums if there are no cars in sight. It is amazing the impact all of these news stories have had on me. I hope that others have the same reaction.

  • avatar Micah says:

    I recently purchased an ipod touch at an attempt to be more organized. I few months ago I found myself thinking about something I needed to do while driving, so I pulled out the ipod and started entering the task into my to-do list. I found it very difficult as I was constantly looking up and down and realized how dangerous it was. It was rather nerve-wracking just trying to asses the turns in the road and the cars coming in the other direction. I had to put the ipod down. I am making it a habit to wait until I arrive at my destination to enter to-do list items. The statistics and information I have been seeing have secured that decision.

  • avatar Zak says:

    After viewing this site and seeing the statistics about texting while driving I was shocked. I haven’t txt’d from the car since.

  • avatar Rob says:

    For the past 13 years or so my wife and I have had cell phones to connect with each other on our way home from work (honey do this, honey get that, etc.). Recently, we purchased new iPhones and I noticed that we were so enamored with the ability to multi-task while using the new devices that we were using them without really thinking about where we were or what we were doing. It was like driving absent mindedly. Back in the spring, we started hearing about crazy, senseless accidents that were occurring while people were using their phones and other handheld devices in similar ways. At that point it dawned on me just how careless we had both been and how awful it would have been if we were in an accident or worse, caused an accident. My message: be smart, wake up, txtresponsibly.

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