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  • avatar Bernadette McCrea says:

    On July 29, 2006, as I was crossing the street in a crosswalk, in Newark, New Jersey, an SUV ran through the red light, hit me and dragged me half a block. It was around 5:00 pm, and extremely hot. I felt the skin of my legs burning on the ground. I tried to get up, but I couldn’t. My legs wouldn’t moove. I tried to look up, see where I was, but I was blinded by the blood in my eyes that was pouring down from my opened up head. I screamed for help, for someone to please help me get off the ground, I never felt so much pain, in all my life.

    Finally, there was someone at my side, who called an ambulance, and stayed with me until they came. It turns, out he had been in his car at the red light, saw it happen, and came to my aid. He was my lifesaver, as I nearly bled to death, and would’ve had I not made it to the hospital in time. It turned out, he saw that the driver had been using her cell phone. I had to have a blood transfusion, suffered a brain injury, had 150 staples in my head, a fractured skull, a bone in my neck was crushed, broke my collar bone, several ribs, my pelvis, my hip was dislocated and fractured, and my ankle completely broken on both sides. I was in the hospital for a long time, then a rehab hospital. I had to wear a neck brace, hip brace, big boot, use a wheelchair, and a walker.

    My life completely changed that day. I can’t even begin to explain the amount of pain that I suffered, and how hard it was to recover, and how this destruction was caused by a lack of extremely poor judgement. It was 8 years ago, and though I’ve healed in many ways, there’s parts of me that will never be the same. I take every day as it comes, and deal with the pain, and the grief it caused the best I can. Life is a precious, fragile gift, and it’s so unfair to rob someone of that gift because your distracted on the phone while driving. Whatever needs to be said can’t possibly be more important than another person’s life, or even your own, it can wait. Please, help me share my story, to remind people of the pain that can be caused by driving destracted. Please text responsibly.

  • avatar Kaylie Lavender says:

    On what was the suppose to be luckiest day of our lives not to some people including myself. On July 7th, 2007, I lost my mother due to a texting and driving/drunk driver. My mother had left behind 4 children and a husband and many other family members. She was heading south on 59 highway 2 miles north outside of Garnett, Kansas. This woman hit my mother head on with only 2.5 second to react so she turned the car to where it hit her side instead of my aunts side who was also with her at the time. She protected my aunt.. We received the most terriblest news that day when I noticed she wasn’t answering phone calls or texting back and when I went and looked out the door praying she would come home so I turned my head to see what others was doing I heard a car pull up in the drive way and I was thinking to myself yay my mom is home…only to find out it wasn’t my mom. It was a Kansas state trooper. He got out of his car and put his hat on, walking up to the door I walked outside and he took his hat off and said miss I’d your father home? I had went and got my dad and he told me to go inside I couldn’t . I sat there and listened to there conversation only to find out my mother was never coming home. As I sat there devastated not knowing what to do. How will we survive on our own? How will be be normal again? What will us kids do without a mother? Then it hit me finding out I will never have another mother again. No one can ever replace her all because a girl wanted to be on her phone and drink. Now to this day almost 8 years later. She now has 4 grand children 3 grand daughters and 1 grandson all of them whom she never got the chance to meet. My children. Have to grow up without one of there grandmothers and will neve know her just stories about her. I encourage every single one of you to NEVER text and drive nor drink and drive. No one realizes how long you have in life until it happens to you. Thank you for letting me post this here. .

  • avatar Sharon S. says:

    I was driving over the lunch hour. A woman behind me was clearly texting. I first noticed her behind me a stoplight. She wasn’t paying attention and almost didn’t make the light when it turned. As we continued down the road, I was worried to have her behind me, that she might just drive right into my rear. I could see her texting and staring into her phone. Her phone case was bright yellow, and I could see she was holding it up above her steering wheel and just staring into it. At the next stoplight I moved into a left turn lane and she pulled up in the other lane – still texting. She wasn’t even looking up. I rolled down my window and told her to stop, that she was going to kill somebody by doing that. Her excuse was that she was trying to figure out if the pain medicine she was taking was OK. Seriously. As if that was an acceptable reason! There is no excuse for driving while not paying attention. She will eventually cause an accident and injure or kill someone. I hope its not me or someone I know.

    The week before this, I saw someone staring into their phone and using it, also holding it up in front of their steering wheel. He nearly hit a mother and small child in a crosswalk. When I pulled up next to him and told him to stop, he said he was trying to figure out where he was going by looking at maps. When I told him that he almost hit a mother and child, he claimed that there wasn’t any mother and child – he really didn’t see them at all. He will kill someone someday. He also didn’t think he was doing anything wrong.

    Unacceptable. Put down your phones people.

  • avatar Katelyn Griczin says:

    My name is Katelyn. My senior year of high school, I was in a horrible car accident that changed my life and future plans. Just a month before graduation, it was a beautiful Friday. I spent the day with my mom touring the college I was going to attend that fall. We went shopping for work uniforms I would need over the summer for the two part time jobs I had just accepted. After a busy day, I went home to take a little nap before heading to the Relay for Life event at my high school. My school is just five miles away, down a windy curvy road. I left for school in my small ’91 Acura Legend. I was two minutes from school when I came over a blind hill and was struck head on by a full size Chevy Silveraldo. It was just myself and the other man in our vehicles, both going over 50 mph. His truck stopped crooked in the road and my car did a complete 180 landing in the woods. He broke a few toes. My face slammed into the steering wheel which broke my jaw and gave me a severe head injury. I broke both legs and my arm was pinned between me and the steering wheel with a bone sticking out of my elbow. I remember the scene like it just happened. The 20 year old Marine in the truck had been staring at his phone the entire time and thought he just hit a tree. He’s perfectly fine but my dreams of going to college and joining the Navy as an officer are ruined. Just because he couldn’t wait.

  • avatar Jenna says:


    My name is Jenna.

    Some could say I don’t really have a story.

    I’ve never lost anyone close to me to a texting driver.

    In a way I do have a story.

    I was in the car a few weeks ago, when I saw a man in a red car texting while he was driving beside us. He suddenly swerved and nearly hit us. He almost hit my side.

    My father had honked furiously, he almost lost his only daughter.

    And you know the worst part?

    After the man looked up with an apologetic look on his face, he went right back to texting! I bet he killed someone that day.

    Stop texting and driving, I’m only 12.

    I’m too young to die.

  • avatar Emily says:

    I kno there is many stories about ppl dying from txting while driving but what about the ones who didn’t die but lives are changed forever because some random girl decided to txt instead of paying attention to the road and she ran a stop sign i wasn’t even driving i was the passenger she tboned the car on my side and my life was changed forever I had to drop out of school I can’t find a job due to a neck injury I’m in pain every day it’s been 4 years of my life I’ll never get back I just hope people realize paying attention to the road is more important than txting your friends anyone for that matter

  • My name is Heaven. I am a 37 yr old wife and mother of two. I am also an only child, a miracle baby at that, which is why my parents named me Heaven. On March 18th 2012, I was driving to a little store just a few miles from my house when a car coming from the opposite direction ran off the road on their side and while trying to get back on the road, they went airborn and hit me head on rolling across the driver side of my car. The dash and driver side door of my car was crushed so bad, it had me pinned in the car. The jaws of life had to be brought in to cut the door off and dash apart to get me out. And all of this was time consuming due to that I was bleeding internally because my spleen was ruptured. My pelvis was broken in two places, my left leg was broken, my left wrist was shattered, my left forearm was broken and my elbow was completely shattered. I also had other small internal injuries. I was airlifted from the scene and once out of trauma, was placed in icu and was stable for a few hours, then went into a blood condition called DIC where I actually coded (died) twice before I was miraculously stabilized again but then was placed in a drug induced coma and was on life support for a week. I went through numerous surgeries. My spleen was removed. I have a metal rod in my left thigh that attaches to my hip, a metal cage in my left wrist and a metal rod in my left forearm. The skin on my elbow was to traumatized to heal so I had to have some of the muscle cut out of my back to be placed over my elbow. Once I was released from the hospital, I was still not able to walk, so spent the next 3 mths in a hospital bed at home. Besides all the physical injuries I substained, I also have mental issues now. I still have nightmares of the wreck, I have panic attacks a lot, loud noises scare me, I stay depressed and angry a lot. I have very little use of my left arm and severe nerve damage in my left hand, so it gets frustrating that I can’t do all the things I use to be able to do. Most of all, it tears me to pieces every time I think about what my kids had to go through seeing their mother hurt like that and almost losing her all because a young girl was texting and dropped her phone.

  • avatar Melony G says:

    My older sister was in a car wreck and almost lost her life due to a man texting and driving. The man was on his phone and ran through a red light and as my sister began exiting the intersection when the light was yellow. He T boned my sister at a speed of 51 mph. My sister is lucky to be alive becuase if he had hit her on the driver side she would not be here today. She is still dealing with problems caused by the wreck. She has constant back trouble and cannot get rid of it. Do not text and drive because you may not worry about your safety but you should worry about the others around you ont he road and even in the car with you. You can never brign someone back once their gone and I cannot imagine my life without my sister so be warned, be aware of the road, and be thoughtful to others outside your car and in.

  • avatar Avery says:

    I was texting and driving one night only a month after i received my license. I ran off the road and hit someone’s mailbox (first mistake) and then continued driving and left my car parked while i went to a bon fire. Then my mom calls me that the police have been called and i go meet everyone at my car. I then received 3 different citations, had to go to an eight hour driving school and lost my license for 3 months. I was just lucky there was no damage done to myself or any other living person.

  • My 20 year old daughter Brooke was a success hairdresser and loved by everyone. Brooke always had a need to make a difference in someone’s life. She would often ask me mum can I donate a kidney or bone marrow, to which I would always answer “no Brooke you can’t do that!,” I never understood her need to save a life. Sadly now it all makes sense. Sadly I now know how Brooke is suppose to help others. On the 4th of December 2012 Brooke was going to work, she was travelling on a straight country road doing 100kmph. Brooke, from what I gather was planning her day in her head like we all do in this busy world we live in. Brooke decided to text a client about an appointment that day. Brooke crossed the wrong side of the road and hit a huge tree without breaking. Our family will never be the same after that day. Our bubbly beautiful girl who lived for her family and to help others is no longer here and it breaks our heart! Our family is now committed to helping Brooke spread the word about texting and driving and helping Brooke save lives like she always knew she was destined to do. In Australia we have started the Brooke Richardson dont- txt-n-drive Foundation Inc. We are committed to making our message as well known as the drink driving and speeding messages. Society has changed and we have a new problem on our roads and sadly I think we may see an epidemic on our roads in the future if we don’t take action now. Please help us help Brooke spread the word and stop another family going through what we have been through. If you want to survive Dont-txt-n-drive it’s not worth your life!

  • avatar Cynthia Spitler says:

    My Niece Jamie died October 13, 2008 from a 19 year old boy who was texting and driving. She was 31 years old and had 2 children. What we know is that he was coming home from work at about 6:50 am was texting his girlfriend and she was planning on making him breakfast the boy went left of center coming over a hill and hit her head on. He died at the scene, and she died about 1 hour later approx. Jamie had been pulled out of the car by a semi driver passing by and after such the car caught on fire and burnt up to a crisp. We lost Jamie but we had her beautiful face to say goodbye we did have an open cascet. To the semi driver we are thankful. There is much more to this story but im not a good writer so im leaving details out. This is the first time ive talked about it on line like this. I sure loved that girl!!!!

  • avatar Jennifer Nelson says:

    My name is Jennifer, I lost my little sister Tracy on January 6,2011. Tracy was on her way to the hospital to see a friends brand new baby girl. She was driving a road she had drove thousands of times. Tracy was viewing a text a lost control of her truck, she over-corrected and crossed the highway and hit a very large, strong fence & tree. Tracy was just 33 years old…full of life and never met a stranger. I lost my sister and best friend that day, but more importantly my niece (8 at the time) lost her mother.

    After the accident we started a small Don’t Text & Drive campaign here in our small hometown. We sold T-shirts, bumper stickers, and bracelets that said “OMG…DON’T TEXT & DRIVE” So many people bought and supported our little campaign, with all the proceeds going to her daughter. I like to think that Tracy saved a few lives by losing hers, to get the message out about TEXTING & DRIVING. It doesn’t make it any easier, I still cry myself to sleep at night and miss her so very, very much. Things will NEVER be the same all because of a text message…

    Thank you for letting me tell me story…


  • avatar Melody Rose says:

    My 17 year old daughter and I caught my aunt texting while driving and using her cell phone while driving. We were on out way to a family gathering for Thanksgiving. She did not cause a wreck on the freeway, but she could have. I feel very uncomfortable with her bad driving habits. She does need to be confronted, but in a gentle manner. I do not plan getting rides from her again. I will offer to do the driving, if we go anywhere together. I’ll be the designated driver.

  • avatar Howard E. Mauer says:

    Deanna Mauer 23 years old was not so lucky to be alive.

    When they brought her to the hospital, she was admitted as Quentin Doe, they did not know her name. She was involved in an auto accident on the 405 freeway and was hit at 84 MPH, as she was stopped in traffic. Little did we know as her parents she died on impact due to brain injury. She had her C2 and C3 neck broken and both arteries to her brain were severed. This all happened on April 27th, 2011.

    We were notified that day at about 11:30am at our work, both my wife and I worked at the same Aerospace Co. When my wife calls me that day, she was screaming so loud that I had no idea who she was on the phone. Finally I ask her to calm down and tell me what happen, she said she was called by the Head and Trauma center and was ask some questions about a girl that they just received in for major injuries from a car accident. Some tattoo’s my daughter had on he body, revealed it was her they had taken in. We left work immediately and I was trying to think positive.

    We were met by the CHP officer, who handed us her purse and assured us she was not on her cell phone. He explained she was hit from the rear at a very high speed and had some major injuries. We went up to the 4th floor to see her and we were completely devastated. As family members started to arrive, we met with the two physicians in charge and they want to put her in surgery right away, because of internal bleeding. In about 30 minutes they came back from surgery to tell us the news, we were told our daughter was brain dead and they had perform tests to see if there was any response from the brain and nothing was showing up. My wife at this time as for them to check again and do the test again, she just wanted to make sure, she again asks for another test. The nightmare had emerged, we lost our wonderful daughter. One thing was told to us about this accident by the two physicians was they made the statement we were very lucky our daughter was not decapitated from the extent of her injuries, they said this occurs usually at 70MPH or faster. Time stood still for both of us, the pain was unbearably though.

    We made the arraignments to bury our daughter in a cemetery close to our home. This was especially though through the whole process. We were told by the cemetery since she passed away immediately we would need cash to pay for these services. After 25K and a few weeks off work, we were done with this part. Now for the next part, this person’s insurance company, Geico never contacted us in a manner what-so-ever. To this date, we feel this company made no apologies or sympathy statement at all. I received my first bill from the hospital and for the one day, the bill was 157K, eventually the final bill was 201K. No offers from anyone on who was to pay this. The pre- trial is still pending on this person and she has been arrested on felony charges of gross negligence manslaughter. The DA will put on a quite convincing case with the information they have from the black box from her vehicle from this accident. We know for a fact she was not paying attention and was speeding which caused our daughter death. She denied it all and has shifted the blame to Deanna. I can continue with a lot more information, but I need to end here. I only sit down to write this story to inform the public on the consequences of texting while driving.

    My story needs to get out to every person that thinks they can text and drive. I do not own a cell phone and never will, especially after this accident. If you ever see me on the freeways and streets of Southern California you will know me by what I have on my truck back window, “A PERSON TEXTING WHILE DRIVING KILLED MY DAUGHTER, NO TEXT IS WORTH A HUMAN LIFE. There is two picture of my daughter with in Memory of (OUR SUNSHINE) June 14th 1987 to April 27th, 2011, thank for listening, Deanna Parents

    • avatar Bernadette McCrea says:

      I am so sorry for your loss. God bless you and your family. I will keep you as well as your sunshine in my prayers.

  • avatar AMANDA WEBER says:

    June 21, 2012 I lost my sister, Sabrina ‘Bree’ Wilson, 31yrs old, from Douglas, WY. She was texting and driving when she slammed head on with A semi. she was killed on impact. The driver of the semi was able to walk away with minor injuries but now has to deal with the fact a young woman has died

    Our family has come together to start The Bree Promise group that was created on Facebook. We have almost 17,000 promises and know that we have got the message internationally.

    I have pictures of the car and willing to do what I can to get this message out.

  • Here is the story of when my life changed forever………

    On the morning of January 6th last year it was a normal day, until I got a phone call from my neighbor at 844am that changed my world. My neighbor, patty asked what I was doing, I told her just sitting on the couch cleaning out my purse, my world was normal, things were fine, until her next question. “is everything ok?”, “yes, why?”. Patty said “well I don’t want to scare you but I just heard your sister was in a bad car wreak this morning, and she was killed.” MY HEART STOPPED BEATING, but only for a second,….. I thought no surely I would know before my neighbor or anyone else would know. So I called my dad, he lives next door to me and asked if Jennifer was home(my middle sister), this was the sister patty told me that she thought had the wreck, dad said yes Jennifer was home (whooo thank God), BUT my youngest sister Tracy had left at 715am after she got home from her night shift job to go to town to see a friend that had a baby overnight. So I called Tracy, no answer, called again, no answer, ooh dear God PLEASE, I text her CALL ME ASAP!!… reply. My heart is sinking, dear God please no……..I never got that call from her, she had died at 736am, alone in her car.

    When I got her phone from the highway patrol, and went thru her text, I was able to pinpoint to the minute of her unwitnessed wreak. She had 2 conversations going on, she sent both of them a text at 731, they replied back @732. The 911 call came in from a passerby @734, the telephone pole she hit was still swaying. I know she was “viewing” their single word text when she barely went off the road, overcorrected, sending her across the other lane,airborne over the ditch, slamming into a telephone pole. By the time we finally knew of her accident, her body was on the way to Dallas to the medical examiner. No goodbyes, no final I love yous, that was it, my baby sister was gone. My beautiful sweet sister left behind a 9 y/o daughter, that is being raised by my parents and my sister Jennifer. There is a void in my life everyday. I preach to anyone that will listen the dangers of texting and driving. If I could I would share her story with anyone that will listen, my purpose and goal is to keep her memory alive, and NOT let her death have been in vain! I have sold hundreds of Tshirts I had made in her honor, the front says OMG DON’T TEXT AND DRIVE! ASK ME WHY…….. The back of the shirt is in memory of Tracy Nelson, a PRECIOUS life lost along with her birth and death date, she was 33 years young.

    Thank you to anyone that reads this and shares her story, I want her memory kept alive and save the lives of others!

  • avatar Paula Johnson says:

    My brother, age 53, was killed April 25th, 2012 by a college student who was texting and driving. My brother was moving furniture and part of his load fell off the truck into the road. He pulled completely off the road to clear the debris, a Virginia State Trooper stopped to assist, the trooper activated his lights and blocked the lane of traffice where the debris was. A young man, texting, did not see the flashing blue lights until the last moment. He swerved to miss the trooper’s car, over-corrected and lost control plowing into my brother and the trooper. The trooper suffered serious injuries, my brother was pronounced dead at the hospital. The texting driver suffered no physical injuries, I do not know him but imagine he will suffer mental anguish over this incident his entire life. No one wins – please do not text and drive, nothing you have to say is as important as a life.

  • avatar Kourtney says:

    My name is Kourtney and I am almost 16 years old. 2 years ago I was in a car accident. My mother and I were rear-ended. I was 2 streets away from my house. I was in grade 8 at the time and I wasn’t even 14 years old yet. I happened to call home sick. The person who hit my mom and me was texting and driving. From the accident I had a concussion, whiplash in my neck and a soft tissue injury in my lower back. About a year and a half after the accident I was diagnosed with chronic back pain. The doctors still don’t know what is wrong with me. September of 2011, I was so fed up with all the pain that I started to have suicidal thoughts. I had depression for a long time and I still have it. I was also diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, also know as PTSD, and there is a long list of side effects that one could have and I have or had have tons of them; like nightmares of the accident, flashbacks, etc. To this very day I can still hear the sound of the truck smashing and crushing into my van. I am on a ton of medicine, I have to take 9 pills a day, 4 in the morning, 2 at lunch, and 3 at night. You would think that after 2 years you would think that I would be all better but that isn’t the case. And I want to share my story and give awareness about this because I am disabled from the accident, I can’t play sports anymore and I use to be very athletic. And just think all of this could have been prevented if it wasn’t for someone having to read that one message, that one second that he took his eyes off the road changed me forever. I hope I can share my story and my journey that I’m still dealing with to people. Especially teenagers. I want to work up the courage to talk about it to my school…

  • avatar Charles Huggins says:

    My son in-law was hit almost head on by a Domino’s pizza delivery driver who was going north on hwy 45 and was texting he veered into the south-bound lane and struck my son-in-law almost head on .the impact caused both vechicles to swap lanes and the delivery driver was dead at the scene ,my son in-law was air lifted to the hospital this happened almost 4 years ago and because my son in-law had-had prior trouble with the local police they charged him with causing the accident.our attorney had to get the delivery drivers phone records to prove he was at fault /distracted by texting.


  • avatar Kat says:

    My sister and I carpool to school and I must say she has an addiction to her phone. Everywhere we go, she texts and talks while she drives, and it makes me extremely nervous. Today while we were pulling out of the school parking lot, she was talking on the phone, and drove out into the street while a truck was coming. The guy driving the truck stopped short, but my sister kept driving and didn’t even seem to notice her error which could have caused an accident. I tried to get her to acknowledge what she had done, but she became angry and told me to be quiet. This has happened a number of times when she is texting or talking – she makes a driving error which could have caused an accident but doesn’t acknowledge it, or simply refuses to acknowledge it. I pray every day that she doesn’t kill someone, or kill herself just because someone sent her an “LoL.” Its making my nerves insane, and I am thinking about riding the bus to school instead.

  • avatar Tori Sepian says:

    On September 11, 2011 I was in a major car accident. I was driving and stopped at a red light and got rear ended by a man going 45 mph. He was texting. My car was pushed through the intersection plus 10 ft. My face hit the steering wheel and that is when I blacked out. When I woke up everyone was out of my car and I felt blood dripping out of my mouth. I had to climb through the passenger side because my door was jammed. When I finally got out the man who hit my was still on his phone and was yelling at me, telling me this was my fault. I needed plastic surgery on my face which included 50 stitches in my chin, lip and the inside of my mouth. My bottom lip was fully detached from my gum. A tooth got knocked out as well. I have back injuries as well that can only be fixed by surgery but I unfortunately can not afford that right now. I later found out that the guy who hit me admitted to the officers that he was texting and by law the officer could not give him a ticket. I think that is awful and that law has to be changed. I am so grateful that I am still alive because things could have been so much worse! Texting and driving accidents are too common and I want to change that!

  • avatar Brittany says:

    I was driving home one night from work and I a car in the other lane was passing me on the other side of the yellow line no big deal right?? well they were texting and not they had the phone over top of the wheel and he was stering the car with HIS ELBOWS!!! while he was using his hands to text.

    Another time I was just making a phone call just scrolling through my contacts and I fealt the biggest bump and I look up and I’m completely off the road and about to hit a building I threw my phone and slammed on the brakes now even though I was not texting I see how quickly something can happen I was just looking at my contacts so I can imagine how quick and easy it would be to crash if you are texting

  • avatar Brett Wysocki says:

    Why can’t your phone and car sync? Once your car and phone are going over a certain mph, your texting feature shuts off. GPS, the government, technology and people that care, can make this happen. This is my suggestion, not a solution.

  • avatar Derek Rice says:

    I am a high school film maker aspiring to make a difference. I was asked to take on the responsibility of making a Public Service Announcement video. The video is now posted online on vimeo.The video titled “End the Send” has been used by the Missouri State Highway Patrol. Please check it out and share it. We all have a common goal here: save lives.

  • avatar karina says:

    Karina Zarco

    5th hour

    7th grade

    Texting While Driving

    Texting while driving is a serious problem in America’s society today. Day by day there are thousands of car accidents that happen over a text message or even an incoming phone call. When the driver of a vehicle texts while driving, the effects to it is that you are not only risking your life but others as well, it may also raise your car insurance to a higher rate because of the car accident, and it also causes other drivers to feel insecure. To change this problem, there is a solution that can stop this once and for all.

    When you are in your car, on the road you shouldn’t text or talk on the phone because it is against the law and you are only hurting yourselves. Texting while driving can be a risk to you the driver and passengers. You can also hurt others that are on the road. If you get into a car accident, it is certain to involve other people. If you do get into a car accident because of a text or call, it can raise your car insurance by a lot because of the damage done. If the car injury was bad and you were rushed to the hospital, you would then also pay the high hospital bill for yourself and may end up paying the bill for the victims.

    Other people that are cautious about driving and texting don’t text because they know it can do them bad. Drivers that text and drive can make others feel insecure to get on the road. A person always has worries about getting hit by another car that had a passenger texting. A simple text message such as hey, lol, and ya can be the last text you ever see before a serious injury happens to you or any other driver.

    A human study noted that texting while driving is a worse statement that drunk driving. Because when you are drunk, you are actually trying to focus on the road but when you are texting while driving, you are not focused in any direction and are paying attention only to your phone. Even when you are talking on the phone, it isn’t as bad as texting, but you are still taking a big risk on your life. When you are talking and driving, can make you lose focus on the right and left sides of the road which means, that you are only paying attention to the road ahead and a car can be coming from either side. People who text while drive are usually teens, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be adults. Any person from the ages of fifth teen though people in their late forties have seen or experienced a car crash.

    There is one simple solution for this major problem that is texting while driving! When driving, you should just turn off your phone while you are consuming the vehicle. You can also just try to ignore all tension involving your phone. It is important that any person in today’s society knows the consequences of texting and driving because if they don’t know, it can get them in trouble with the law. Texting while driving can also cause you to lose or damage your car for a little mistake that was unnecessary. Don’t put your life in danger for something that can wait for later.

    Those are the dangers of texting and/or talking on the phone while driving. Thank you for the time you took to hear my paper on Texting while driving.

  • avatar Betsy Chaplin says:

    My name is Betsy and I have a blessed story to tell of my son Joshua. Joshua had been part of a English team in high school in 2010 who had written an essay and had won a spot in a competition in Cleveland Ohio. They did not win that contest but he won with me! The title of their essay was “Driving while Intexticated”. Shortly there after, for the first time ever while I was driving, I answered very quickly a text message from my husband. I NEVER TEXT and drive!!! But I had that day and he very loud and clear yelled ” OH NO MOM, you will not text and drive! Put the phone down!!! Do you know how silly you would make me feel if something happened and you were texting after I just wrote this essay on “Driving while Intexticated?” Although I was totally embarrassed I was so very proud of my son. I am also very proud of his teacher, and school mates for taking this situation so very seriously! I also take it very very seriously!

    My words to everyone from my sons own mouth…. DO NOT DRIVE WHILE INTEXTICATED!~ God bless you all during these holiday seasons and keep you safe!

  • avatar Kristen Spellman says:

    Ive seen many instances of people, young and older texting while driving. I’ve actually seen people who are not also TEXTING, but also smoking a cigarette while they text. I’m terrified for my safety, my children’s and family’s safety and for all the other people out there that can quickly fall victim to the carelessness of ignorant people who should be paying attention to the roads they are on and the vehicles they are driving. I hope they pass a federal law and I’d fully support it.

  • avatar James McPeak says:

    I was driving home from making a donation at a local kids home and I was about a mile or so from home. A car with 3 young kids in it disregarded a red light and drove right in my path. The driver was distracted while using a handheld device. The car ahead of them at the stoplight made a legal right turn on the red light. The drive assumed the light was green and took off. I hit them traveling almost 50 miles per hour. Luckily I was able to react and swerve just enough to miss the passenger compartment. I thank God everyone survived. I could easily had my wife and 4 yound children with me. As a trained Paramedic, I provided support until the EMS service arrived. But it was a helpless feeling that has left me forever changed. It should never have happened. I do not Text and drive. Texting and Driving can be a fatal mistake. Don’t do it. Don’t Text and live to tell about it.

  • avatar michael says:

    i really believe that when we tex and drive we dont think about whats going to happen next and thats what people need to realize but some people are not brought up right so thats when we need to step up and say what we think is right

  • Ive come to this site to voice and raise awareness for my best friend. The brother who was taken from his family and friends. His name was Joel Adam Rodriguez. My brother Joel was traveling Down north gate rd in Lakewood WA on his motor cycle. It was traffic hour may 19 Of 2011, Joel had come to a stop because of said traffic. Also traveling on the same road was the same driver that stuck him. The force of the impact threw Joel off his motorcycle and pinged him off the car in front of him. Joel suffered massive internal injuries and was pronounced doa. The DA has yet to charge her for any negligence which kills me alot. Nothing was even posted for Joel till nearly a couple minus after the fact. There is evidence of cell text going out of her phone right before the incident. I feel so bad I look st the three kids he left behind. People don’t realize that you could kill a lot more then 1 person when you text and drive. You kill. Apart of everyone that cherished him as well. I’ve seen enough killing in Afghanistan. Never thought I would lose you in such a senseless way. Peace be with you brother, please god I pray for this to reach the right eyes to give Joel the moment he deserves. I won’t let your death be swept under the rug. I will do with what life left in me to give your senseless death a meaning.

    • avatar Matthew M says:

      Sorry for your loss. I don’t know your pain, but was woke up last saturday morning to the sound of a crash in front of my house. 16 y.o. driver struck a jogger, throwing him into my mailbox, and another 50′ onto my lawn, where he died. I was the first one there. I, like you, have a reason to profess the stupidity of texting and driving. I am blessed. It wasn’t me. To say it hasn’t affected me, his family, friends & loved ones is an understatement. This senseless act is embedded in my head, and I can’t shake it. So rather than burying it inside somewhere inside of me, it is a purpose to anyone I interact with now on a daily basis. What is pathetic about this is how incredibly stupid my 40+ y.o. friends are thinking “it won’t happen to me.” That’s what I used to think. Nobody should have to deal with what you deal with. Nobody should ever have to deal with what I dealt with. God bless you.

  • avatar Keisha Harding says:

    The Accident Happened Well Over A Year Ago I Was Sitting In The Back Of My Friend’s Older Sister’s Car. Her Sister Decided To Start Texting. She Looked At One Text For A Long Time And Started Drifting To The Other Side Of The Road. We Tried To Get Her To Realize What Was Happening But She Was To Busy Responding To The Message. By The Time She Looked Up She Had Slammed The Car Into The Guard Rail. She Over Corrected And Fish Tailed Toward The Middle Of The Freeway We Hit A Car Head On. Our Car Flipped 5 Times And Landed On The Roof. I Survived My Friend And Her Sister Died On Scene.

  • avatar Mark says:

    In November 2010 my wife and I were rear-ended while we were a full stop at a stop sign by someone going 40 m.p.h. in an SUV. This collision occurred in a school zone while kids were leaving school at the end of the day. The person who hit us was texting and driving and didn’t even hit the brakes. Two discs in my neck were herniated and my wife was also injured. The person who hit us was a 40-something housewife.

    That said, I see teens through middle-aged people texting and driving every single day. Here are some things I do whenever I see it:

    1) Blast my horn non-stop until I get their attention and then tell them to stop texting.

    2) If I see a cop nearby, such as in a parking lot or at a business, I give them the plate # and their location and the cop will usually pull right out, find them, observe them and ticket them.

    What I’d like to do is yank them out of their cars, smash their phones and slam their fingers in their car doors.

    People who text and drive are selfish, self-centered jerks whose overall personalities are typically selfish and self-centered as a result of the “Facebook”mentality that pervades our society (I can’t use the term ‘culture’ here instead of society because our society currently seems to lack any real and substantial culture worth noting, other than glorifying violence and materialism). If these folks want to go through life with their selfish, proverbial blinders on, they have every right to do so in this country, BUT NOT WHILE DRIVING ON A PUBLIC ROAD.

    P.S. I see a lot of self-confessed text-and-drivers in some of these posts who do not have any command of the English language. I suggest that you stop texting and start focusing on learning how to spell without assistance, use words in their proper context and how to construct a proper sentence. That’s much more productive than potentially murdering someone while texting and driving. That’s right, murder (a.k.a, vehicular manslaughter).

    • avatar Prearl says:

      I agree texting while driving is absolutely unacceptable. If i must even respond to

      The sound of a text, i will wait till i can pull over safely. I flip out

      At my friends if the do it and worry about them all the time when im not there

      To stop them. one thing we must avoid is labeling people. Facebook has nothing to do with

      People who text and drive. Facebook has nothing to do with selfish people. Social

      Networking is about communication and Sharing our lives with friends and family.

      I have facebook and i dont text and drive. It has nothing to do with culture either. It has to do

      With a simple human condition where we cannot believe that one little

      Text could hurt other people or ourselves or both. In my opinion, adults have

      Absolutely no excuse for such risky behavior, teens; however

      Arent mentally developed enough to understand risks and consequences. That being

      Said, i think great websites like this where victims and whitnesses can share stories will help raise

      Awareness and ultimately scare everyone enough to stop useing cell phones and handling other

      Items (including food) that take their attention from the road.

  • avatar Jessica says:

    I attend a high school in Kentucky that is fortunate enough to have a Newspaper class that I’m involved in and currently I am writing an article about the dangers of teens who are texting and driving. Too many lives have been lost and put in danger due to a simple text. I was wondering if I could get some advice to add in my article.

  • avatar Trevor says:

    My name is Trevor and I’m an automotive journalist so I’ve seen my fair share of cars both intact and others that aren’t so lucky. Late Thursday night (Oct. 6th), my sister was riding shotgun in her friend’s 2007 Honda Civic when the driver decided to take out her phone and start texting. While texting, my sister’s friend was traveling well above the posted speed limit (75mph in an estimated 60 mph zone) and clipped a Jersey Barrier, fishtailed, and then rolled over three times. The Civic came to rest on its roof (with the sunroof open) and my sister found herself dangling upside-down in her seat because she was wearing her seatbelt. My sister was able to free herself from the Civic and wait next to the vehicle as EMS showed up at the scene. She was taken to the hospital for bruising and a possible cracked rib cage, the driver declined treatment at the scene entirely. I have a photo of the car being backed into a salvage yard and considering it rolled three times, the lack of damage sustained is simply mind-bending. I live in Los Angeles now for work and my sister and family are in Rhode Island so I haven’t been able to physically see my sister since the accident. While the accident happened less than four days ago I’m still in shock and couldn’t even think about the other scenario which was a real possibility. I stopped texting and driving way long before this accident but I can tell you for a fact you won’t catch me or anyone driving texting while I’m in the car.

  • avatar Robert Jackson says:


    The strength of the irradiation

    was extremely intense

    -blinding me with its radiance

    -toying with my ocular IQ

    I wanted to shield my eyes from it

    -shade my vision

    from this spectacular effulgence

    but my arms would not move


    Explicit expressions boiled in my mind

    as I struggled to escape this comatose state

    -wondering what would Houdini do

    Arms stuck to my side

    as if they’d been duct taped


    A cocktail of voices

    poured slowly into my ears

    Some cursing


    others unwittingly deciding my fate


    Familiar yet distinct sounds

    of influences from my past


    I wish I could see them but the light-

    “Would someone please dim that damn light?”


    The voices-

    I hear them calling me

    beckoning me to come to them

    but the light was too bright

    I could not find them-

    I could not reach out to them

    And then-


    Darkness greeted me unexpectedly

    and for a brief moment I was delighted

    The relief from the blaring blaze

    soothed my soul

    “Was this just a dream?”


    I felt a unique comfort

    that I’ve never known before

    A certain sense of solitude


    One moment I’m driving the BMW

    Down I-30

    texting my lady

    to tell her that I’m running late

    and the next-

    I’m stuck here

    in “No Man’s Land”


    The blurred image

    of my woman’s face

    hovering over me

    Tears dropping from her eyes

    onto my lips

    The taste of them

    replacing the vile taste

    of the blood in my mouth’


    I try to muster up all the energy

    that my weary body can summon


    “If I could only reach her…

    Maybe she could pull me

    out of this Twilight Zone…”

    “Maybe she could stop the beeping”

    And with one enthusiastic thrust-


    -flat line

    Copyright 2011 by Robert Paul Jackson

  • avatar kierra says:

    While texting and driving I swerved off the road. Looking up I got scared and over corrected. I drove off the other side of the freeway and hit a large sign it pushed my car to the side and it flipped over full rotation back onto the tires. Almost everything inside my care was laying all over the side of the road adrenaline from the shock of the accident mad it so I couldn’t felt anything. I’m lucky to be alive.

  • avatar Jessica Rambo says:

    Georgetown Township, MI —

    As they marked their seven-month anniversary with a special dinner on Monday, Kelsey Loszewski didn’t know it would be the last meal she would share with boyfriend Eric Helm.

    On his way to pick up Loszewski for school Tuesday morning, Helm, 18, died in a head-on traffic crash in Georgetown Township.

    “He came over and made me lasagne — it was just yesterday,” Loszewski said through tears, hours after learning of Helm’s death Tuesday. “He was the first person I really loved. He was kind and caring and had a big heart.”

    Helm was driving west on Port Sheldon Road around 7:20 a.m. when he crossed the center line into eastbound traffic and was struck head-on, Sgt. Kevin Allman of the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office said. The crash occurred near Brookfield Avenue not far from Hudsonville’s Alward Elementary.

    Police said Helm crossed the center line as he continued straight in a curved portion of the roadway. He was struck in the far-right lane in eastbound Port Sheldon Road, a road that spans five lanes at the site of the crash.

    Helm was pronounced dead at the scene. He was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash, Allman said.

    The driver of the vehicle that struck Helm — 46-year-old William Brouwer of Hudsonville — was injured but listed in stable condition on Tuesday.

    Helm and Loszewski were both seniors at Jenison High School, where they met in a choir class about a year ago, Loszewski said. Outside the choir room, he liked classic rock and heavy metal, she said.

    Helm was a “lifer” in the Jenison Public School system, Superintendent Tom TenBrink said, having also attended Rosewood Elementary and the district’s junior high school.

    Helm’s younger brother Nathan is a ninth-grader at the high school and another brother, Jacob, is a sixth-grader at Rosewood.

    “He was the type of man who was very charismatic,” TenBrink said. “He would light up a room. When he was missing, the other students would know he wasn’t there.”

    Helm tutored sixth graders at Rosewood Elementary, an activity he took much pride in doing, his girlfriend said.

    “He liked kids a lot. He had such a good time helping them,” Loszewski said.

    Helm was looking forward to attending college at Western Michigan University or Ferris State University. He was interested in studying computers, Loszewski said.

    He was also serious about his faith, attending services at Jenison Christian Church every Sunday and participating in a church youth group, she said.

    At Jenison High School Tuesday, TenBrink said, couselors were helping grieving students who were close to Helm.

    “They’re shocked. They’re anguished. They’re struggling with the loss of a classmate,” TenBrink said of the students, adding, “I know that Jenison is a very tight-knit community and they’re going to rally around this family.”

  • avatar Howard E. Mauer says:

    I would like to tell my story about my daughter who was killed about 5 months ago in Orange County, Calif. She was hit at 70mph in the number 1 lane while coming to a complete stop in traffic. I receive the CHP report about a month ago and although this lady was the cause of the accident, I was informed by the officer, it hard to prove she was texting (Her Cell Phone was in Use). Unless there was an eye witness, nothing can be done. This lady was found neglient and the CHP has recommended the OC DA office file vech manslaughter charges on this lady. She stated in the report she was looking straight out the front windshield when she hit my daughter. To me that seems impossible, something distracted her and she won’t admit it. Look on the internet for Deanna Mauer. 23 year old and just graduated from San Jose State, top softball pitcher and a bright future ahead of her. We are completely devistated at our loss. No, insurance company or anyone has contacted us. Still waiting for Geico (her insurance Co) to talk. The cell phone texting and talking while driving needs to stop. It needs to be a felony if you kill people…it such a sensless death.

    • avatar Michaela Malos says:

      My partner and I are in a student lead chapter through our high school, Grants Pass High School, called Future Business Leaders of America. Yearly, we compete on a state level and the project assigned to us is called Business Presentation. This year the Business Presentation is explaining thoroughly the dangers of texting while driving. We would like to take our project a step further and raise awareness throughout our high school. We plan to have an assembly in front of all of the students and staff where they can sign a pledge to not text while drive. To further explain what can come from texting while driving we would like to provide real life events, this is where we think you can help us. We were thinking that it would be best if we could get a voice recording of what happened to your loved one and then some pictures to better reiterate the possibilities of fatality coming along with texting while driving. We really look forward to getting into contact with you.

  • avatar Marjorie Looney says:

    Fortunately, my story does not end with someone being killed. My 20 year old daughter was blessed to survive her accident. She escaped with only a broken leg (she will have a rod in her leg forever).

    We live in Texas but the accident occurred in Norman, Oklahoma where she is a student at OU. Oklahoma’s legislation definitely lacks. The texter was in a school zone at the time. It is troublesome to think what might have happened had a child been in a crosswalk.

    Oddly enough it was the fact that my daughter was on her motorcycle that saved her from having more injuries. Had she been at the same intersection as a pedestrian, she would have only been wearing shorts, t-shirt, and flip flops. In her case, however, she was covered head to toe because she was on her motorcycle. I hate to think what could have happened and thank God daily. My heart goes out to all who have lost loved ones due to a texting driver.

  • avatar staice says:

    At 18, i could hold dinner conversations with my family while surreptitiously texting with friends, hiding my cell phone under the table.

    Everyone in the Rogers, Ark., high school senior’s circle had warned hme about texting while driving; they’d see my car swerve and know what i was doing. It cost me my best friends life.

  • avatar Jordan says:

    I am doing a report on texting and driving and raising awareness due to a recent accident that took two of my bestfriends. I was wondering if anyone had any comments or examples to share to get the word out. please email me at Thank you so much

  • avatar Jessie says:

    Hey there, I am doing a project on the dangers of texting and driving and was hoping to find some local stories. I live in Columbus, Georgia. Though I have had my own experiences with this danger, I was hoping to find more stories. If you have one, or know of one, then I would greatly appreciate you sharing it with me. Email me at if you wish to share. -Thank you!

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