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AT&T Don’t Text While Driving Documentary

Shreya R. Dixit Memorial Foundation

Shreya Rekha Dixit, of Eden Prairie, MN, turned 19 on September 16, 2007. She joined University of Wisconsin, Madison as a sophomore in the fall to pursue a degree in International Business. Shreya completed the freshman year at Bryant University in Rhode Island where she was named to the Dean’s List for academic excellence. Her life was cut short when she was fatally injured in an accident on November 1, riding a car to spend the weekend with her family in Minnesota.

Texting And Driving Don’t Mix

News Center, along with AAA, recently put three young people to the multi-tasking test.  Each was asked to drive through an obstacle course while texting. It was a controlled environment with an expert adult driver in the car with them.

Each of the three hit some of the cones and one of the drivers actually ran over a cone and dragged it beneath the car.

“It teaches them that texting and driving don’t mix. They should be separate. And it is actually very difficult to do both well,” says Van Tassel.

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An Accident That Killed Two People

James A. Furfaro, 38, and Keith P. Odell, 50, were killed when 19-year-old Reggie Shaw caused another car to spin out of control. Phone records show that Shaw had been text-messaging from the time he left home to the time of the accident.

Text Responsibly by Andre Dos Santos

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Texting While Driving Caught on Tape (Today Show)

Little Words – By Katie Brady and ZoomSafer

Little Words is an original song written and performed by the wonderfully talented Katie Brady. It was commissioned by Matt Howard from ZoomSafer in the fight to prevent distracted driving.

Dr. Phil Interview with Texting Daughter and Concerned Mom

Driven to Distraction – Video on Teenagers Texting While Driving Gains Web Audience

In Gwent, the police department wanted to update its previous safety film, on joyriding. “We asked young people what was the thing that they thought was now the most dangerous for their age group, and they said mobile phones and, in particular, texting,” said Mick Giannasi, chief constable of Gwent police.

“Young people were telling us, ‘It needs to be more shocking, it needs to be more violent, it needs to be more truthful,’ ” said Peter Watkins-Hughes, the film’s director.

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UK Don’t Text and Drive PSA

We hesitated to post this video due to its graphic nature. After watching the video on CNN, The Today Show, and the BBC we felt compelled to keep the video circulating.

The video shows three young girls in a car. The driver is sending a text message when she gets in a major accident including several other cars. The girl is seriously hurt, and her friends and another driver are killed.

The PSA is being shown to high school students in England, to show the serious and sometimes deadly results of using a cell phone while driving.