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Bill bans texting while driving

As some Democratic U.S. senators push for a federal ban on text messaging while driving — with financial consequences for states that don’t go along — a proposal to make Ohio the 17th state to ban the practice was introduced in the Ohio House yesterday.

The measure, sponsored by Rep. Michael DeBose, D-Cleveland, would make texting a secondary offense, meaning a person must first be pulled over for something else, like speeding. The fine would be $250 and would include an automatic license suspension if the driver was involved in a traffic crash.

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A surge, please, on state bans against TWD (texting while driving)

The study, released last week by Virginia Tech University, analyzed the driving behavior of 203 truck drivers who traveled about 3 million miles equipped with in-cab cameras and other sensors. It found that sending and reading text messages on their phones was by far the most hazardous distraction to the drivers, causing the risk of a crash to be 23 times as high as for a nondistracted driver. The risk of a crash while driving under the influence of alcohol is about seven times as high as with an unimpaired driver, the study added.

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Download the VirginiaTech Transportation Institute study here.

Victim’s mom urges pols to ban texting while driving

Lawmakers heard gut-wrenching arguments yesterday urging them to ban texting while driving – and one top lawmaker who says that doesn’t go far enough wants to outlaw motorists using handheld cell phones altogether.

Transportation committee members heard compelling testimony from Melissa Martin, 37, whose 17-year-old daughter was killed in a 2007 accident sparked by texting behind the wheel.

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