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AT&T Don’t Text While Driving Documentary asks the Lerch family to share the story of their daughter, Heather.

We have created a new Share Your Story campaign for Heather Lerch and her family. Click here to learn more and download the poster. Be a part of the solution by helping her family spread the message. Read more here.

Oprah’s No Texting Campaign

On today’s The Oprah Winfrey Show (January 15, 2010) The show covered the topic of distracted driving. “It is my prayer that this show, this day will be a seminal day in your life,” Oprah says. “Let it be the end, the end of you using a cell phone or sending a text message when […]

Hands-Free Info seeks to reduce the confusion over local laws and legislation regarding the operation of motor vehicles while using cell phones and text messaging devices. The legal landscape changes frequently, so this web site’s team stays busy keeping on top of the latest developments nationwide. The site also is dedicated to reducing the number of […]

Texting And Driving Don’t Mix

News Center, along with AAA, recently put three young people to the multi-tasking test.  Each was asked to drive through an obstacle course while texting. It was a controlled environment with an expert adult driver in the car with them. Each of the three hit some of the cones and one of the drivers actually ran over a […]

Recently Published Report by PEW Internet

“Teens and Distracted Driving” Overview One in four (26%) of American teens of driving age say they have texted while driving, and half (48%) of all teens ages 12 to 17 say they’ve been a passenger while a driver has texted behind the wheel. These findings form the centerpiece of a new report from the […]

The Concentration Game

The Century Council has produced an interactive initiative called The Concentration Game which mimics distractions a driver may face. We encourage you to play the initiative and embed it on your website. Play Now

An Accident That Killed Two People

James A. Furfaro, 38, and Keith P. Odell, 50, were killed when 19-year-old Reggie Shaw caused another car to spin out of control. Phone records show that Shaw had been text-messaging from the time he left home to the time of the accident.

Text Responsibly by Andre Dos Santos

Thanks Andre, we are happy to help promote your videos!! Check them out everyone!

Texting While Driving Caught on Tape (Today Show)