TxtResponsibly.org Launches New Awareness Campaign: Be a part of the solution. Share your story at TxtResponsibly.org

Posted by on April 28, 2010 at 3:03 pm.

Since our launch in Spring of 2009, TxtResponsibly.org has worked to raise awareness about the growing epidemic of texting while driving. We participated in the Distracted Driving Summit in Washington, DC in September and heard the issue debated among top technology leaders, statisticians, state and federal legislators and safety organizations. The most compelling and effective messages against texting while driving can be found in the stories of families and individuals touched by tragedy.

In support of National Youth Traffic Safety Month organized by National Organizations for Youth Safety (NOYS), Pica Design, LLC (Founding Sponsor of TxtResponsibly.org) is donating marketing & design expertise to create a new awareness campaign highlighting personal stories. The campaign also coincides with the first National “No Phone Zone Day“, Friday, April 30th launched by Oprah Winfrey and Harpo Studios. This new campaign is an opportunity for those touched by a texting and driving incident or tragedy to share their story and raise awareness of the dangers of texting while driving.

Amanda Umscheid’s 19-year-old sister was killed one year ago while texting. It was Amanda who was texting with her sister when the accident occurred; her guilt and sadness are constant reminders of that day. She is now sharing her story with high school and college students in her community to educate them about the dangers of texting while driving. Join Amanda and Be a part of the solution.

How to get involved:

Share your story and help raise awareness of the dangers of texting while driving.

• Your story may be selected for the ‘Be a part of the solution awareness campaign. All campaign posters will be made available free for download and distribution at http://www.txtresponsibly.org/resources/.

• Selected stories will be given a dedicated page under the Share Your Story section at TxtResponsibly.org.

Be a part of the solution. Share your story today at TxtResponsibly.org.

About TxtResponsibly.org

Alarmed at news stories about texting-related car collisions, the staff at Pica Design, LLC—a full-service graphic design and marketing agency in Maine–decided to use our collective skills in design, marketing, advertising and communications campaigning to change behavior: to make people think twice before texting while driving; texting while walking across the street; texting and multitasking, period. The mission of TxtResponsibly.org is to raise awareness of the dangers of texting while driving and to prevent harmful injury or death caused by the act of texting recklessly. Free resources developed for TxtResponsibly.org have been referenced and distributed across the United States and Canada. It is our goal to continue providing free awareness resources to the public. If you’re interested in co-sponsoring this campaign or other TxtResponsibly.org initiatives, please contact us at info@www.txtresponsibly.org.

  • This is such an important subject for discussion. I receive many reports on accidents and injuries resulting from texting and driving accidents. TEXT RESPONSIBLY PEOPLE, please 🙂 If you see others texting while driving talk to them and let them know the importance of practicing safe driving.

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  • avatar Rhiann says:

    I think its finnaly time that we put a law on this, I see way too many drivers being distracted every day. And I think that the law should cover more than just texting, but maybe even having your phone out while driving. Once we put a law on this problem the roads will be a lot safer for everyone, especially teens with little experience driving. I know I dont fel safe in a car with a texting driver.

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